Come on!湖南玩趣①|“食”在好吃,鲜香热辣甜样样都俱全!


This dark meat is cured pork. People in Hunan use chaff and peanut to cure salted pork.


It tastes mellow and has a unique flavour. It is an indispensable course of reunion meals in Hunan.


The crayfish has a lot of fans in Hunan. Stewed, braised, steamed and added garlic or pepper in it... there are various ways for cooking crayfish. The taste of it is finger-licking good.


Stinky tofu and sugar oil cake are traditional and well-known street food in Hunan.


The stinky tofu is scorched outside and tender inside. The more you eat it, the more you want it. Despite the unacceptable smell of it, you will be captivated by its special taste.


Sugar oil cake is made by sticky rice, sugar and honey. It is popular among citizens of Changsha due to its low price and good taste. You can always see them in the food courts in Changsha.


Come on!湖南玩趣②丨锦绣潇湘美得不像话,像“画”

Come on!湖南玩趣③|湖南人有多匠心?打铁生花、砂石为画……